BMF mission: providing lifesaving, free, maternal and baby care to regional and remote communities in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

BMF is based in Australia with a passionate family connection. It is a corporation and a Public Benevolent Institution that works through research, advocacy, training of local people, culturally sensitive protection from harmful practices, and the upgrading of facilities.

St Michael’s parishioner Sam Hargreaves (Asquith) is a Director.


  • Pray for fundraising, and for the people involved in this and the challenges of working within lockdown.
  • Thank God for the many skills, from many parts of Africa who need or who are requesting the services.


  • you will find lots of very exciting and necessary people and projects to be financed here
  • there are short term volunteer opportunities – more information here

More information:

BMF website.

You can find more information about Sam’s fundraising for BMF here.