Be sure to listen to the sermon preached on February 7 to start the series called ‘Radical’.

The clear message for Christians is this maturity is a choice, not an entitlement. It is, regardless of age or education or experience, a factor of one’s grounding in Jesus Christ according to the apostle Paul (Col. 2:6,7). The call from Paul in that ancient letter was to reject “another” Jesus (one manufactured by our own imagination or the power of pop culture or traditions) and focus ones hope and growth on the Christ presented to us in the Scriptures (Col. 1:15-20).

Then, when we know this, we can grow into a richer, more deeply rooted faith and practice day to day of being a follower of Jesus and withstand the doubts and stresses that inevitably confront believers. When anchored firmly through faith in Christ we can then explore ways to manage stages of life and crises of meaning and grow in godly character with the help of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of God’s Word (eg 2 Peter 1:3-11; Romans 12:1-21).

Here are some articles to help you engage in thought and discussion about maturing as a person having sorted out the basis of maturing as a Christian…

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Finally, Andrew Fuller’s Life: A Guide is a useful book that has very practical, useful information for Christians and non-Christians.