Child Safety

St Michael’s Anglican Church North Carlton is committed to child safe practice.

The care, the safety and the welfare of children are embedded in policies and practices which reflect a commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse.

St Michael’s Child Safe Protocols

Code of Conduct

Child Safety Policy

Incident Report Form

Those involved in the care of children on Sundays and during the week, have been trained in Child Safe standards and procedures, and assent to the Code of Conduct (link above).


The Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards is an independent body that handles complaints, screening, training and redress management for organisations such as The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (As an Anglican church, St Michael’s sits under the Diocese of Melbourne).

Making a Complaint: 1800 135 246

Information on making a complaint

Other resources 

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

The Anglican Church of Australia within the Diocese of Melbourne, including St Michael’s, is committed to child safe practice.

More information about the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s Child Safe practices

 Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Code of Conduct

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Child Safety Policy

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Incident Report Form

The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP)

The CCYP is an independent statutory body that promotes improvement in policies and practices affecting the safety and well-being of Victorian children and young people.

CCYP Child Safe Standards

CCYP’s guide for Faith Communities on the Reportable Conduct Scheme

Other Resources