Since 2015 St Michael’s has been on a journey seeking reconciliation guided by our Reconciliation Action Plan.

On this 5 year journey we have opened our eyes to the truth of history. We have grown in understanding of Aboriginal culture and social injustice issues, and we have now embarked on a partnership with Common Grace in order to extend our understanding, and create meaningful connections.

Common Grace is a national Christian movement that began in 2014 and has recently appointed an Indigenous woman as their CEO – Brooke Prentis. It has attracted thousands of followers from across Australia who support its activities around the social justice issues of: Aboriginal peoples, creation and climate, domestic and family violence and people seeking asylum in Australia. Many people who are part of St Michael’s are already aware of Common Grace and have used their resources for study and reflection.

2021 will be very exciting as the Reconciliation Action Group evolves as St Michael’s steps into this new partnership with Common Grace. 

Watch the video below to find out a bit more about Common Grace and Brooke Prentis, the current CEO.