COVID Safety


Covid-19 update – St Michael’s North Carlton 10/05/2022

As per the settings of the State Government of Victoria there are now no restrictions or requirements relating to Covid-19 for those who attend church services or meetings or events. There are, however, vaccination standards set for church workers. Any worker on church premises, including a volunteer, must be double vaccinated. This includes gardeners, office staff, cleaners, flower arrangers, and includes clergy doing such tasks. The only church work that does not require people to have at least two authorized Covid-19 vaccinations is that done directly in a church service, wedding or funeral that is open to anyone. The same is true for pastoral care visits to homes, hospitals, or care facilities for religious comfort or end of life faith reasons.

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In all other respects, please follow the current Covid-19 restrictions as put in place by the Victorian Government as can be found at