COVID Safety

Update on Church Services in June
Updated June 17, 2021

Church services are open to the public again. If you are attending church you must:

  • Check in via QR code on arrival
  • Wear a face mask at all times when indoors
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5m from others from others

Email: or call the Vicar on 0411471838


Recommendations for opening up after the circuit-breaker lockdown

When we are able to open up the church for public services again, there are several things we can do to protect the community and comply with government regulations.

These will include:

  • download the “Service Victoria” app on your mobile phone (if you do not have a phone you can sign in)
  • open the app on your phone before arrival, open your phone’s camera and aim it at the QR code in the foyer or at a QR code on your pew and check in (don’t take a photo, just hover your camera lens over the QR and wait for a response to then click on)
  • bring your own Bible or use one on-line
  • access the bulletin for the week via our website homepage
  • a rostered COVID-safety helper will assist you on arrival in the foyer to check in, and will remind you of any COVID-safe protocols for the day
  • use hand sanitizer on arrival (either your own or via the available dispensers in the foyer)
  • Masks are mandatory
  • greet others with a smile and wave and keep a safe distance (especially during a greeting of peace)
  • find a seat and observe the “2 per pew” guideline and the 1.5m from others rule for safe gathering
  • you are welcome to join in the spoken responses during the service
  • we are now able to offer morning and afternoon tea, however it will not be self-service. Please allow our volunteers to serve you instead.
  • the church space is well ventilated and services will have less than one hour duration for your comfort and safety
  • immediately following the end of a service the congregation will be ushered outside for conversation
  • when at church, respect the signage suggestions about numbers using the bathrooms
  • sanitizer and cleaning/disinfecting materials are readily available if needed (ask the COVID-safety helper if unsure)
For other church meetings on-site:
  • when onsite outdoors (e.g. gardening) please check in via QR code (as explained above, there is one on the glass near the foyer entrance)
  • when onsite indoors please check in via QR code (as explained above), this helps us to qualify for 2m2 distancing and helps in the event of any necessary contact tracing
  • before leaving the site (indoor only) please use available cleaning/disinfecting materials on high contact surfaces you have used during your time there (the cleaning materials cupboard is in the Nickson Hall)
For church meetings held in homes:
  • when meeting in a home (e.g. for a Bible study) follow the current guidelines for the amount of people allowed in homes as posted by the Victorian Government
  • you might like to set up a Service Victoria QR code for your home meetings if you are the host
  • practice safe distancing
  • if serving drink and food designate one or two people to serve the group individual serves and avoid sharing of vessels, plates and cutlery
  • keep the room where meeting well ventilated
  • keep the meeting to less than 90 minutes