God and Government (Part 2)

God and Government (Part 2)

Did you hear President Donald Trump address the United Nations this week?

How did it make you feel about world leaders at this time in history?
How do you think God feels about the state of world leadership and politics?
Does the Bible have anything important to say?

Our new sermon series is called God and Government looking at part 2 of the Book of Daniel (chapters 7-12).
Through it we hope to unpack some of the complexities of engaging as a Christian in a divided political landscape.

The weeks will run as follows:

Week 1 | 24.09 – World leaders then and now
Week 2 | 01.10 – What do you expect?
Week 3 | 08.10 – Praying about politics
Week 4 | 15.10 – God’s greatness, forgiveness & faithfulness
Week 5 | 22.10 – Politics and History
Week 6 | 29.10 – God has it in hand