Weekly Devotionals

There are some great resources out there for this season of reflection and preparation. Here are a couple:

1. Common Grace—Each week through Lent you will receive a video reflection and readings to draw you closer to Jesus; a closeness which brings transformation to you, then to your community and beyond. You can also download a Bible study each week and view previous Lent series to engage more deeply. Common Grace has designed these resources to support individuals as well as church and community groups

2. Pray as You Go—An app for Android and for IOS is available for regular devotions on mobile devices, or you can use their website. Margaret Silf will present retreat-style devotions for Lent.

Guided Meditations

The video below is a 2 minute listening meditation for grounding and preparing to slow down either when feeling stressed, at the end of the day, or before prayer or meditation.

from the Center for Action & Contemplation

This next video, Rest by Simon Wester, is relaxing and peaceful instrumental music for worship, accompanied by images.