This page has a variety of prayer and devotion resources. Scroll down to discover helpful ways to pray and meditate on God’s Word.


Here you’ll find resources for daily devotions and weekly challenges to keep your daily discipleship fresh and on track during September. For each day we are offering you an outline providing either a prayer &/or bible verse to reflect on in the morning, in the middle of the day and at night.

Here follows the sessions for the remaining weeks of September. Scroll down for the sessions and note the dates as a new group is added each week.

Connecting through meditating morning, midday and night

As we heard in our sermon series “Moving Forward – The Book of Joshua” Joshua, 1:8 says, “Keep this book of the law always on your lips; mediate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it.”

These meditations may only take one minute 3 times a day to connect with this rhythm.
You may like to begin the minute by taking two slow, deep breaths to settle and then read through the entry. Note which words stand out.
If you’d like to make it 5 minutes, add in a song or other practice for reflection.
Feel free to use the breathing technique and song that’s already posted further down on this web page.

Included at the end of the week are 7 challenges for general wellbeing and further connection with others.
You may like to share how you found the guided prayers and challenges. This could be with someone in your household, your small group, someone you walk with or use it as an opportunity to call a friend you haven’t for awhile.

Here follows the September Rhythm meditations and devotions for

Week 3 and Week 4

WEEK 3 September 15 – September 21

WEEK 4 September 22 – September 30

More devotional resources are here below…

Contemplation and Peace

Download and print a lead sheet for a Contemplative Prayer session for individuals or groups. The prayer session plan from a recently led session of contemplative prayer for a 30 minutes period is available by clicking here



Weekly Devotionals

There are some great resources out there for any season of reflection and preparation, including the church season of Lent which leads to Easter. Here are some examples.

1. Common Grace—Each week through Lent you will receive a video reflection and readings to draw you closer to Jesus; a closeness which brings transformation to you, then to your community and beyond. You can also download a Bible study each week and view previous Lent series to engage more deeply. Common Grace has designed these resources to support individuals as well as church and community groups

2. Pray as You Go—An app for Android and for IOS is available for regular devotions on mobile devices, or you can use their website. Margaret Silf will present retreat-style devotions for Lent.




Guided Meditations

The video below is a 2 minute listening meditation for grounding and preparing to slow down either when feeling stressed, at the end of the day, or before prayer or meditation.

from the Center for Action & Contemplation

This next video, Rest by Simon Wester, is relaxing and peaceful instrumental music for worship, accompanied by images.

Intercessory Prayers

Here also is a link to a video led by Kim Messieh for general prayers of intercession that can be used by any individual or group in any season…