The vision/action plan at St Michael’s includes initiatives to help strengthen and equip members of the church in their daily work and witness through prayer. This new sermon series is not about the steps you can take to become a great pray-er. Rather, we will find that the Bible offers us encouragement that we already are great pray-ers in Christ. As we often hear people say aloud in church in prayer, it is “through Jesus Christ” that we can pray.

What does that mean? What are the implications of this for our relationship with God in prayer? What words and styles of prayer can we use?

All this, and more, will be addressed in the new sermon series.

Week 1 | Aug 6: Why Prayer is Easy
Week 2 | Aug 13: Why Prayer is Hard
Week 3 | Aug 20: The Battle for Prayer
Week 4 | Aug 27: What We Pray
Week 5 | Sept 3: Healing and Wholeness
Week 6 | Sept 10: Different Ways we Pray
Week 7 | Sept 17: When God doesn’t seem to answer

Here are some helpful resources to help you go further in your exploration and practice:

You Can Pray – Tim Chester.

In this book, he points to the power of knowing three foundational truths about God when we pray:

• God the Father loves to hear us pray
• God the Son makes every prayer pleasing
• God the Holy Spirit helps us as we pray

When these truths are in place, we discover why prayer is easy, why prayer is difficult, and the arguments and priorities of prayer.
Chester says, “Prayer is like a child’s asking her parent for help” —and that’s not beyond any of us. Here you will find the grace and encouragement to engage with God in prayer every day.

The Message of Prayer – Tim Chester.

Too Busy Not to Pray Bill Hybels

Daring to Draw Near: People in Prayer – John White