The word ‘radical’ is seldom used in a positive way these days. Today the word seems to conjure up thoughts of fanaticism that leads to uncomfortable relationship, even damaging outcomes.

Yet in many times past, it was a word associated with positive reform: the idea of returning to a form of practice that met more truly with the original intent of the ideology, religion, politic or science one was pursuing.

It is in this sense that our new sermon series beginning in February 2016 will look at different aspects of being a follower of Jesus Christ according to the intentions of the New Testament writers – being a radical disciple.

What chapter headings might you come up with on this topic if you were to write a book on the matter? You may be surprised to find the titles for each of the sermons to be preached in this series.

The sermon series takes the lead from the late, eminent scholar and pastor from the UK, John Stott in his book published in 2010 called The Radical Disciple.

February 7 | #1 Become Mature | Steve Webster

February 14 | #2 Don’t Conform | Jon and Debs (CMS link Missionaries)

February 21 | #3 Care for Creation | Greg Davies

February 28 | #4 Find Balance | Chris Appleby

March 13 | #5 Be Like Christ| Steve Webster

March 20 | #6 Be Dependent| Hannah Craven

March 27 (Easter Sunday) | #7 Deal with Death | Steve Webster

April 3 | #8 Live Simply | Melanie Lamb