Sermon Series: The Way of Wisdom

Wisdom for life in a challenging world Our world is in dire need of wisdom. How can we chart a course towards positive, life giving, human flourishing without it? The wisdom literature of the Bible is usually identified as the Old Testament books of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. During the time I am with you at St Michael’s I will speak from the book of Proverbs with a series titled: The Way of Wisdom: Intelligence for life.

Oct 8Proverbs for lifeLen FProv 1:1-7
Oct 15Wisdom from elders: avoiding life’s temptationsLen FProv 1:8-33
Oct 29Human flourishing & Godly characterLen FProv 3
Nov 5Woman wisdom calls out: come to the feast!Len FProv 9
Nov 12Aspirational WisdomLen FProv 10
Nov 19The integrity of the uprightLen FProv 11