Vision 2017 and beyond

Vision 2017 and beyond

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Parishioners were invited to attend forums to discuss elements of the new vision/action plan for 2017 and beyond Vision/Action Plan meetings on Thursdays February 9, 16, 23 and March 2 and to add new initiatives for consideration.

The meetings had 8-12 people attending each night with representation from both Sunday service congregations and from parish council. On each night about 45 minutes was given to conversation and ideas were collected via a white board and have been collected in a report available here.

Next steps will include consideration of the new and advancing ideas raised in these meetings by staff and by parish council.

Last year, on Sunday November 27, at our 10am and 5:30pm services we considered the future and presented our vision for the next chapter at St Michael’s.

Here is the audio from that presentation.

Here is an article about the changing demographics of North Carlton


Vision Action with new ideas