Vision/Action Plan Update

Vision/Action Plan Update

1.New events, activities and ministries on-site

  • PRAYER MEETINGS 4 TIMES PER YEAR – First one in Term 4 corresponding with new sermon series about prayer
  • RECONCILIATION ACTION PLAN transitioning to commitment covenant
  • 2 X TUNING IN TO KIDS courses
  • NEW PERIMETER FENCE to be built by church members to build community, to improve the appearance and safety of the site

2. New resources and help for people in their daily service and witness

  • PREPARING PRAYER MINISTRY TEAMS to offer prayers for healing and help during Sunday services
  • REVISING our website to make easier access to resources
  • IMPROVED use of FACEBOOK and new TWITTER account to offer articles and resources for daily discipleship

3. New resources and help for “everyday church” collaborations

  • COLLECTING DATA about Christian action member’s are involved in outside of Sunday
  • SERMON SERIES on “Proclaiming Christ Today” to give us a theology of sharing the Gospel in a marginalized context
  • TESTIMONIES on Sundays to give examples of “everyday church” activities
  • DEFINITIONS of what “everyday church’ is about

4. New partnerships and greater connectedness to mission partners

  • IMPROVED information flow and communication with partners in mission
  • FOCUS events for info/engagement with partners in mission
  • Appointment of “GO TO” contact people from congregation for each mission partner
  • PRAYER FOCUS on first Sundays of the month for each one of the key mission partners at services

Full Vision/Action Update July 2017