About Us


Our Mission

Proclaiming Christ…Building Community…Sharing Hope…Serving Others

This sums up what St Michael’s Anglican Church North Carlton is always seeking to do. We want people to find a relevant and friendly atmosphere in which to explore and celebrate good news about Jesus Christ.

We want to see people grow deeper in Christian faith and help them to make a peaceful and godly difference to world and to be partners in the work of God’s kingdom.

Our Services During Coronavirus

We hold two worship services every Sunday. These are no longer public gatherings, but online services only. You can tune in to our service via Facebook or YouTube.

Our online 10am service runs for about 60 minutes. People familiar with Anglican worship services will recognize elements of our services, yet, our style is quite informal, encouraging and friendly. The music in these services is a mix of old and new, with a variety of styles via different bands and music groups. Holy Communion (The Lord’s Supper) will not be celebrated at this time, as we are no longer physically meeting anymore.

Our online 5:30pm service runs for about 50-60 minutes and is even more informal in style. The music at these services is high in energy, contemporary in style and led by a variety of bands.

All worship services at St. Michael’s are based on authorised services from A Prayer Book For Australia.

For any further information on our services, please contact the office at office@stmichaelsnc.org.au


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