Each year St Michael’s celebrates NAIDOC week. In 2022 our Sunday services on 3 July will help us to engage with the issues as we worship God together.

The St Michaels RAP group members have gathered the following resources.  We hope that everyone will read/watch something from this list which is designed to help us all engage more deeply with some very important issues.

Please read/watch something from this list before Sunday 3rd.  You might like to spend some time sitting with God, allowing your response to what you have seen or read to lead you into conversation with Him about it.

We will be considering these things together in our service on July 3rd as part of NAIDOC week. 

What is NAIDOC all about?  

Climate Justice and Indigenous Experience: a 2021 report

Ministerial appointments for Indigenous Australians | National Indigenous Australians Agency

In Australia we have one of the lowest ages for criminal responsibility- 10 years. This is a Federal issue. This is a contributing factor to Aboriginal incarceration and also deaths in custody.

Victoria has begun the truth-telling process by establishing the Yoorook Justice Commission.

Uluru Statement; what is it?

Not all Indigenous people agree with the priorities in the Uluru statement

The text of the Uluru Statement; read it aloud

A few people to get to know…

The Wave Hill Walk-Off; David Lingiari’s story told in song by Paul Kelly

“We are going” poem written and read by Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker)

Introduction to Oodgeroo Noonuccal, her life, her poetry, her place in history.

Have you heard of Daisy Bindi?

Reconciliation as love in action; contemplate as you colour

A fascinating arts project encompassing tapestry, opera and couture, led by Deborah Cheetham

Join us as we learn, share, and pray for reconciliation in this country. See the prayer below from Common Grace:

Matthew and John painted a mural on our foyer windows.

More information about our Reconciliation Action Group