Reconciliation Action Group

Reconciliation Action Group

Please note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, St Michael’s will not be holding any activities onsite, including Reconciliation Action Group meetings.


In God’s name, we are declaring our commitment to join with all Australians who are seeking reconciled relationships, respect and trust between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community.

St Michael’s is committed to raising consciousness of the need to bring about reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and non-Indigenous Australians.

Our commitment involves special services, meetings, events and pop-up groups.

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Reconciliation Action at St. Michael’s

– Our Journey So Far –

The parish journey of reconciliation action began in December 2015, agreeing as key goals:

  • To complete the first stage within two years
  • To learn about the history of Indigenous people in North Carlton and Melbourne
  • To have a focus on prayer, and the development of a parish prayer for reconciliation
  • To hold special events or services
  • To engage with a local Aboriginal community centre.

Above all, we sought to raise consciousness in the parish. The learning and engaging began in 2016 and has continued over the last twelve months. Significant actions have been:

  • A group from the parish visited the Sovereignty exhibition at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, gaining further insights into the history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.
  • An Action Plan Launch date was set, namely 4 November 2017.
  • The City of Yarra Fitzroy Aboriginal Heritage Trail was offered.
  • The parish engaged further with Indigenous Hospitality House, through individual visits and in supporting its fundraising Trivia Night.
  • A reconciliation service was held in NAIDOC week in July at which Anglican minister and Pairrebeenener man Garry Deverell spoke and challenged the parish to costly action.
  • A reconciliation prayer for the parish has been adopted.
  • The City of Darebin Spiritual Healing Trail walk was adapted and led by the Rev’d Hannah Craven.

Statement of Commitment and Reconciliation Action Plan


• Education about Australia’s history through offering cultural experiences
• Regular prayer for reconciled relationships in Australia

• Placement of a plaque to recognize traditional custodianship
• Acknowledgement of country at all services, events and activities

• Annual service and celebration of Reconciliation
• Annual giving of financial support to an Indigenous organization

• Connecting with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups
• Strengthening our relationship with Indigenous Hospitality House (IHH), Carlton

• Responsibility for the implementation of the plan is held by the Vicar and Parish Council

• Annual report to the parish
• Action Plan review after two years, to renew the plan for 2021-2023

Parish Council & RAG team

Parish Council is responsible for appointing a working group or team each calendar year to help our church to carry out the commitment made at the launch in November 2017. The team consists of a coordinator appointed by Parish Council, one or more members of council, and a number of others co-opted to the team by the coordinator. For further information contact the church office at

A Prayer for Reconciliation

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow
God of all peoples, created in your image
We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of this land.
We repent of the sins of our past against Indigenous Australians,
and of the injustices that continue to this day.

In your Son, Jesus Christ, we have been reconciled to you,
and are called to be agents of reconciliation in the world.
By your Holy Spirit give us wisdom and humility
as we seek justice for Indigenous Australians.

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